Does SDR-Radio have a Hardware Abstraction Layer interface?

Bob Edwards

Does SDR-Radio provide the means to write one's own hardware driver? I use a softrock-like 160-30m transceiver called a Multus Proficio and it's a shame that I can't transmit with SDR-Radio. There must be 1000s of us in the same boat. SDR-Radio seems to be the most sophisticated application around - but I use my own improved version of GSDR instead as I can transmit with that.

I don't know of a Windows based application that does provide a HAL  - the hardware driver is usually hopelessly entangled in the main code. Adding new hardware support involves tiny bits of surgery all over the show with the high risk of breaking existing logic.

I've written my own SD receiver as a prototype in a test-and-measurement language called LabView - the latter is soon to become available free as a 'community' edition for non-commercial purposes. I'm looking for ideas on SDR HAL before rewriting it as a transceiver. An Actor framework will factor the code into relatively simple lumps, thus aiding extension / maintenance.

Cheers, Bob Edwards G4BBY

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