Re: 3.0.20 Released


Hi Simon
Many thanks for the update. New version works perfectly with Win7-64, without the video as expected. The original and the new also work perfectly with my other Win10-64 4G I7 system

I'm sorry if my first post seemed to be a criticism or whinge, I was just trying to report what happened without waffle. I fully accept that Win7 compatibility will have to be sacrificed so that you can continue to advance the S/W and make use of the changes/additions in Win10 and future Windows O/S.. I also very much appreciate using the software on a free/donation basis.

I have a lot of legacy/classic receiver hardware that doesn't work with Win10 (or SDR-Console) but it has been convenient to have everything on the same machine. I guess I will need to run a separate legacy system in future.

Thanks again

Terry G0EZY

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