Re: 3.0.20 Crashes

Allan Isaacs

My Win 7 x64 does the same Simon.
The audio continues but the program isn't shown in Task Manager
The Wait box changes to a crash dump window after a few minutes and closing
this kills the audio.
Restarting the program starts it up in a previous incarnation tuned to a
different frequency.
Allan G3PIY

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I assume you're using 64-bit Windows? I'll build a kit now which you can use
to generate the crash dump. I'm annoyed that we didn't catch this crash in
the test team.

I'll e-mail you direct.

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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Subject: [SDR-Radio] 3.0.20 Crashes

Hi, Installed 3.0.20 and when I select the rec/playback tab the program
crashes! I have two crash dumps if you would like me to attach or post a
link to each one is 150 and 160Mb in size.

OS Windows 10 Home with all updates.

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