Re: Performance of the new RSPdx

Mike Bott

On 1/26/20 10:59 AM, Dale Elshoff WB8CJW wrote:
I used SDR Console at first but now I find SDRUno is more stable on my old I5, 8GB, 2.4GHz. laptop.  My pc is under powered for SDRC running the RSPdx even though cpu usage is lower it would often crash or lock-up often requiring a complete reboot to recover then it would run for a while and randomly lock-up, especially listening to FM broadcast or if some change were made to a menu item - gain, etc.  I would prefer to use SDRC but I need to upgrade my computer at some point before I can.


Dale, I'm not sure I agree with your opening line.  The latest SDR Console 3.0.20 test kit (along with 3.0.19 previously for that matter) runs without crashing or lockups on my "old" 2013 HP Pavilion g6. This PC cannot be upgraded to Win10 so it's running 8.1.  It is an 1.5GHz AMD A6-3420M with Radeon HD graphics and 8Gig memory.  Along with SDR Console, I'm generally running VSPE, a VAC, CSVUserlistBrowser and Audacity at the same time. 

Not trying to start an argument, but you may have an opportunity to resolve your crashes and lock-ups before the expense of upgrading.


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