Re: Support/Help required

Robin Thompson



No experience of the Sentinel 4 - sorry - but I was impressed to see on its spec : “”RF overload protection up to 150W for 10secs””

I assume that is not fed directly into the unit!?


I am also waiting for one of their 5way splitters which are delayed due to a NATO order I gather …..


Good luck with sorting it….






From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Crosbie G6PZZ
Sent: 25 January 2020 19:57
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Support/Help required


Hi Group/Simon


I have a Cross Country Wireless Sentinel 4 SDR. It has two USB ports, one of which connects to a built-in soundcard, the other, I understand, is the data port, controlled via Omnirig, as a TS2000. HDSR software seems to work or will when I solve my QRM problems!

I’m not a newbie to radio but I am to SDR and SDR-C, which seems to offer everything I need.

Can anyone help me connect the Sentinel to SDR-C? Despite the callsign, I only want to use my SDRs for receive only.



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