Dale Elshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

I have not experienced that on my RSPdx.  I typically keep it on AGC:Slow and that is where it is time after time after start-up.

For my old laptop (I5, M520 @ 2.4GHz. + 8 GB RAM) I have here the bandwidth has to be set to less than 3 MHz. or there are periodic freeze ups.  Performing a stop then start always gets it going again.  It takes a while but at least no complete restart is necessary.

73, Dale WB8CJW

On 1/16/2020 7:37 PM, Everett N4CY via Groups.Io wrote:

I should also add that when changing the settings on either the RF, or If gains turns off the AGC. 


I noticed that every time I shut down and restart SDR Console when using SDRPLAY RSPdx that the AGC has turned off. 

Everett N4CY

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