Loading Dan Ferguson's Composite File Into Frequency Database ?



Trying to import Dan Ferguson's latest file into Frequency Database.
Using the Custom CSV option
I then LOAD Custom File, and Dan's composite file.   (.csv format)
Seems to have loaded just fine.

I then go to ADD to Database and pick Replace.  
Not sure if this is what I should pick, but it does say "Existing Custom Entries are deleted".
So, i assume any old "stuff" is simply deleted ?

I then see a msg. that says:  Added 21,469 records to table Freq Data102
No idea what this is ?

I would then assume it would show up in the main Frequency database window, as it has been, presumably, "Loaded".
It doesn't.
Only the previous file I loaded, ILG's is  still there.

Any idea why ?
Something i have to do with that file that was mentioned: table FreqData_102  ?

Thoughts ?


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