New Version And RSPdx Problem



Having problem with latest version for SDRPlay RSPdx.
I have taken with the W10 Snipping Tool utility two screenshots, and have just, I think,
uploaded them in Files; a Capture, and a Capture 1.

Not at all sure, probably not, that I did this correctly. First time.
I know you want/need screen shots, and I am hoping these two made it, and are usable.
I thought they might convey a bit more info that the screen shot option that the program provides.

If not good enough, please let me know.

I cannot imagine what I am doing wrong.
Downloaded the latest version, twice, but cannot get it to "run".
The normal screen shows up, I select the radio, the RSPdx , and try Play.
Nothing happens.

What I am sure of is that it is probably, as usual, something
really dumb that I have not set, or am doing.
That old age problem again, I guess.

Seems as if the program just does not see the RSPdx.  Undoubtedly something really simple that I am missing.
Plugged the radio to the pc cable in and out a few times, etc., but no luck.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Happy New Year to Everyone,

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