Re: V3's performance on two PCs with huge HF files - some observations

Simon Brown



Which XML file?


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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From: Nils Schiffhauer <dk8ok@...>

Last, but not least, I unattendendly made a scheduled recording of a 25 MHz HF bandwith over 24 hours with the Desktop onto the external HD.

* recording withouth nagging, the WAV RF64 file resulted in 7.85TB

* fluent playing & fast jumping within this file (frequency and time)

* producing an XML file took 8h15m each

* after recalling the XML file: fast build-up of the spectrogram, fluently jumping in time and frequency by mouse clicking, perfect audio


If someone has any hint to accelerate the building of XML files even further, this would be highly welcomed!

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