V3's performance on two PCs with huge HF files - some observations

Nils Schiffhauer

Hi - as there is some discussion about PC power, V3 and performance, I did some observations with two different PCs, performing the same tasks with V3:

Desktop: Intel i7-8700@3.2 GHz, GTX 1050 Ti [CUDA], 32 GB RAM, internal SSD 4TB (Samsung 860 EVO) & M.2 SSD (Samsung 970 EVO plus) 2 TB
Laptop: Intel i7-8550U@1,8 GHz, no CUDA [IPP], 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard disk internal
ext. HD: WD MyBookDuo 20 TB
all with USB 3.1 & running with W10/Pro
Receiver: Winradio G65 SIGMA/16 bit

25 MHz HF bandwidth:
* live reception on both PCs fluently without hiccups
* recording one WAV RF64 file of 3h length (= 0.98TB) & playing on both PCs on internal and external HDs: fluently without hiccups. Fast jumping within recordings (by both frequency and time)

25 MHz HF bandwidth, producing XML (File Analyser) files from one WAV RF64 file of 3h length (= 0.98TB):
* Desktop on conventional SSD: 35m
* Desktop on fast SSB: 28m
* Desktop on external HDD: 61m
* Laptop on internal HDD: 2h36m
* Laptop on external HDD: 2h34m

Last, but not least, I unattendendly made a scheduled recording of a 25 MHz HF bandwith over 24 hours with the Desktop onto the external HD.
* recording withouth nagging, the WAV RF64 file resulted in 7.85TB
* fluent playing & fast jumping within this file (frequency and time)
* producing an XML file took 8h15m each
* after recalling the XML file: fast build-up of the spectrogram, fluently jumping in time and frequency by mouse clicking, perfect audio

If someone has any hint to accelerate the building of XML files even further, this would be highly welcomed!

All setups were used with one RX only which played its audio via VAC to three data decoders in parallel.
Decoding of even delicate signals (bad SNR, high data rate etc) was exccellent.

To do:
* test with 25 MHz HF bandwidth both live & file with up to 24 RX and up to 24 decoders (should work as judged from first trials)

I think, this combination of Hardware and Software really defines the State of the Art, outperforming most even professional setups.
Simon's Software is playing the pivotal role in this game. And it is the only part which is for free ...
If you don't need 20MHz+ HF bandwidth (plus the last mile of sensivity and dynamic range etc), the nearly 20 MHz of FDM-S3 (also 16 Bit) will do the job at a far lower price.

Simon - thank you very much for all what you did this year for "the community"! With it, we can push our hobby (and even someone's profession) to such a limit we never even dreamed of.

HNY & 73: Nils, DK8OK


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