Re: Spectrum display freezes while tuning


So which of the several means of tuning frequencies did you use? Were you tuning the center frequency? If so by sliding the lowest frequency scale left or right or by clicking the keyboard next to that scale or using the menu? If not were you trying to change the tuned receiver frequency with the scroll wheel in the spectrum/waterfall or the numbers upper left on the main or matrix display?

There are a lot of ways to change frequencies. Simon will certainly need to know which one you used.

You might also want to check what the CPU load is.

That said I don't think any of the methods I can think of at the moment normally cause the display to pause more than very briefly, which happens when the center frequency is changed and the front end frequency synthesizer must relock. Data continues to flow but it may appear like it is glitching at that time in my experience.


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Tuning which frequency and how?
Picture so your settings can be assessed?
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Is it expected behavior for the spectrum display to freeze while tuning?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Gregg W6IZT

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I was able to resolve # 1 and #3 by changing the protocol of the DXLab
Commander Secondary port from K3 to Kenwood TS-590.

73 HH

Gregg W6IZT

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I’m working through configuring SDR console v3 as a panadpater display
for use with a K3. The configuration is as follows:

SDR Console v3.0.17

Win 10 pro Intel I7 gen 8


DXLab with Omni-Rig connected to the secondary com port of DXLab
Commander using virtual com ports.

I’ve have run into a couple of issues that I have not been able to resolve:

1. When the K3 mode is set to Data A (USB) the SDR Console displays Data-L.
Using DXLab Commander to change radio mode to Data=L, SDR Console displays
2. SDR Console will occasionally display the B VFO frequency of the K3, the
radio is not in split. DX Commander and my amp both display VFO A
properly 3. I’m unable to get the passband on the spectrum display to overlay the actual
passband correctly. I suspect that this is related to #1.

This is a great application!

Any assistance is greatly apricated.


Gregg W6IZT


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