Question using SDR console as a pan adapter with K3

Gregg Marco W6IZT <gregg.w6izt@...>



I’m working through configuring SDR console v3 as a panadpater display for use with a K3. The configuration is as follows:


SDR Console v3.0.17

Win 10 pro Intel I7 gen 8


DXLab with Omni-Rig connected to the secondary com port of DXLab Commander using virtual com ports.


I’ve have run into a couple of issues that I have not been able to resolve:


  1. When the K3 mode is set to Data A (USB) the SDR Console displays Data-L. Using DXLab Commander to change radio mode to Data=L, SDR Console displays Data-U
  2. SDR Console will occasionally display the B VFO frequency of the K3, the radio is not in split. DX Commander and my amp both display VFO A properly
  3. I’m unable to get the passband on the spectrum display to overlay the actual passband correctly. I suspect that this is related to #1.



This is a great application!


Any assistance is greatly apricated.



Gregg W6IZT




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