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Siegfried Jackstien

you did not engage geo beacon (or why are you txing out of your own rx window?!?)

i use a pluto now for nearly a year (as long as qo100 is on air) ... and my pluto is ALWAYS txing fine (no spurii to be seen)

do you have tx offset switched on?!? (switch it off ... no need on qo100 for tx offset!!)

i see that you use a very low drive from the pluto (only 20%)... means you have a very high gain amp BEHIND the pluto towards antenna

that means that "ghost signals" or spurii that would normally not be seen ... are then still to be seen on the transponder

add attenuator behind pluto and use a bit higher drive with such a high gain amplifier (guessing you use a datv setup on nb transponder?!?)

best is drive area of 80 to 90 % (that gives cleanest signal here on my station) settings above 90 ... and the pluto is not so clean anymore ... (same as with all trx ... fullpower gives dirty signal)

with such a high gain behind the pluto you will see those ghost signals ... adding attenuator and using higher drive in pluto may solve that

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 18.12.2019 um 09:02 schrieb frank@...:

The spurious signals are only there with the latest console. Thes frequencies are fixed. They don't change. Never mind what the display says.

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