V2.3 build 3223 Rsp1a detected as RSP2 and not working

Ben Z en de rest

Hi, today I tried to swtich from the AIrspy 10 MHz to the RSP1a in V2.3 build 3223. I like to record 6 or 7 MHz bandwidth on a remote location in the 403 MHz band and the airspy with either 5 or 10 MHz is either to small in bandwidth on 5 MHz or to wide on 10 MHz (the recording won't fit for 2 days on my storage space)l The RSP1a could solve this in 7 MHz bandwidth.


After installing the drivers from SDRPlay website the RSP1a gets detected as RSP2 with the serial number of the RSP1a and shows functions in the radio menu which don't apply to the RSP1a.

I can not get it to receive with either antenna input setting, just a blur on the waterfall.


In V3.017 the radio gets detected as RSP1a and works all ok, however I cannot play back the recording at home from the remote location of the server (yet)/

Does anyone know a way to have V2.3 detect the RSP1a as itself ? I have rebooted the Win10 machine after installing the driver, I had the RSP1a unplugged durng installation, but still V2 finds it as RSP2


Ben - PE2BZ

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