Re: How to set up SDRC for server use

Larry Davis

Thank you, Kriss, for this excellent info....
Tutorials like this are in great need for us newbies - if there are more buried somewhere in the group, they need to be made "stickies".
BTW, no disrespect meant to Simon - I know he's a one man shop, and I highly appreciate his work - so I bought him a beer.
I have some operational questions, (Perseus with console 3.0.17, Win 10 64bit):

1.      Is there a way to center the tuning window, when tuning with the mouse-wheel?   (so the passband window stays centered, and the freq scale moves)
         The Perseus software has a "center" button for this.

2.      (deleted) - I figured this one out, the BW and zoom interact, I get it now.   Sorry for too many edits.

3.      In SAM mode, is there a way to slide the passband window, through the desired signal,  vs freq ?   I've tried everything I can think of, and can't make this happen.
         I understand that ECSS somewhat addresses this, but I find it helpful to just slide the passband around to minimize interfering signals, etc..

Thank you....

Larry Davis
Geneva, IL

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