Error window when starting OmniRig for use w/ ext. TRX for QO-100, SDR Console 18

Bernd Peilstoecker

Hi together,
using SDR Console 18, thankfully integrated the option to track an external TRX with OmniRig on three different PCs
And here starts the prob:
After starting Console and setting RX I try to start tracking my FT-817ND, the rotating ring appears, showing me to wait. Then, after waiting felt long time, an error window pops up, containing a message: Server overloaded. Action can not be continued due to other application is active. Switch to that app to solve the problem.“
On bottom are three buttons: Switch to, repeat and cancel.
Click on „cancel“ doesn’t do anything but producing a system sound.
Click on „switch to“ opens Win 10 start menu, also not helpful.
Click on „repeat“ starts running all after around 2 (!) minutes.
This phenomena appears on three different PCs, an Intel NUC, Acer Laptop (Intel i5, 4 cores 1,8 GHz), Acer Netbook ( Celeron,2 cores, 1,5 GHz).
Using OmniRig with JTDX, WSJT-X, JS8Call..., works on all mentioned computers well.
Is there a solution for that quirk?
Many thanks and 73 de Bernd, DL4ZAB 

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