Re: Hermes Lite - General coverage RX performance?

paul newcombe <G6YZC@...>

Mike et al,

Can anyone suggest a better 2m rx than the fcd?
I have tried many and have yet to find one that comes close.
Some are awful.
Although not a true sdr I am looking forward to trying the new demi 4 band transverter with my Anan especially when the microwave 4 band add on is released. Again that will be a hybrid rather than the 100% sdr I would prefere.

Paul N2EME

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small correction, FUNcubes are 16 bit.

On 11/25/2019 6:10 PM, jose maria trueba wrote:
> Max,
> 16 bit Hermes, Angelia and Orion boards are very high dynamic range,
> excellent but expensive boards.
> People who used the 14 bit version of Hermes said that for most
> occasions they could not tell the difference with the original Hermes16.
> The 12bit Lite is very inexpensive. Lower D.R. and does not go beyond
> 30MHz but seems like a good enough small HF transceiver for the price
> although not sufficient but just a very good price for what it does.
> I think that 16bit is the way to go at serious HF but using wisely the
> RF gain control and choosing the right amount of atenuation will
> overcome the lack of dynamic range of a 12 bit receiver. Pluto and Lime
> transceivers are 12bit also but are made for UHF which I believe is not
> as challenging as HF.
> It could be much worse... Super cheap RTLs and Funcube dongle are only
> 8bit which is horrible, or simply too poor to be considered more than
> cheap toys.


Mike, N1JEZ
"A closed mouth gathers no feet"

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