Re: How to set up SDRC as a Server, a step by step guide on setting up the computer to be used as a server

Simon Brown



Yes. I would write a layer on top of the server (invisible to you) so if you use for example a Perseus then the Perseus server defn. is locked to frequency/bandwidth and you make 2 to 10 virtual instances available.


With radios like the ELAD S3 which return a very usable 20MHz of bandwidth I could write a special server as above and users can select anywhere from 0 to 20MHz.


Easy code, just need to stay awake long enough…


Simon Brown, G4ELI


From: <> On Behalf Of Bjarne Mjelde

It leads me to a question to Simon though: Say that I, as a MW DX-er, want to set up servers to use the MW band only, maybe with the option for me to lock the LO. Could it then be made possible for more than one user to access the pre-defined frequency spectrum?
Bjarne Mjelde

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