Re: QO-100 External Radio


I observed this at the station of a friend of mine in a similar way. It
seems to work, but SDR console does not respond
every time the knob of the FT-818 is tuned. Sometimes it works,
sometimes not.  We changed baudrate but this did not help.
The transceiver does always respond to the SDR Console.

My FT-100 works fine! No issues with this. But my computer is much
faster than his.

73 Mike

Am 25.11.2019 um 12:52 schrieb info@...:

Hi Simon
It works now over Omnirig but only as one-way synch solution.

If I change the freq. in the SDR Radio Console it will change in the
IC-9700 too.

But if I change the freq. in the IC-9700, it will not change the freq.
in SDR Radio console.

I'm running the IC-9700 in the SAT-Mode means with two VFOs.

73 de HB9RYZ

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