Re: Icom IC-7610 with I/Q output

Bruce Tanner

Ham Radio Deluxe will also work, and if you choose to use the ICOM remote there is compatible software available for purchase for that. I have used that as well as Win4ICOM and prefer the latter. HRD makes a superior waterfall and spectrum graphics but is a bit more difficult to set up for transmit functions.


On Oct 30, 2019, at 12:45 AM, Mike Bott <mbott001@...> wrote:

See  ...but I don't think you will find the 7610 listed. 

Have you looked at Win4IcomSuite for Icom Radios?


On 10/30/19 12:21 AM, Tomas, NW7US wrote:
I am in the process of obtaining an Icom IC-7610.  I understand that it now has, via USB-3 and drivers, I/Q output, etc.  Is this radio now working with SDR-Radio software?  If so, is there someone who would point me to some video or documentation on how to set up the 7610 and the software, so things work correctly?

Many thanks!

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