Re: USB GPIO Module controlled by SDR console

Siegfried Jackstien

buy a usb relay board (amaz..n... evilbay... aliexp..s ... etc etc)

if you buy the right one ... it is supported in sdrconsole as ptt out (has to have a "hid" driver)

these oards are available as 1,2,4,,8 and 16 channel relay boards ... with 5, 12 and 24v relay voltage ... and potentiial free contacts

so . we already HAVE that ptt out you are asking for and much safer as soldering direct to the gpio pins of lime or gpo of pluto)



maybe siman can also include the free relays as band data out?!? (wink wink) but THAT is not supported (yet)

for switching your power amp on and off it just works fine


for ptt IN to the soft (to connect ptt button on a desk mike) i use a usb to ttl dongle (ftdi and profilic chipset should work ... using ftdi here cause i had it here ...)

a pull up resistor on the 3.3v pin of the dongle ... towards CTS pin ... and cts and ground connected to the ptt contact of my desk mike ... and now i am "a happy camper" ... using my real desktop mike (normally used on my ft990 sw rig) also as mike for sdr console (my deskmike as a trx selector for 3 rigs ... one is now sdr console)

so ... without usinhg the gpio in lime or pluto ... we have ptt in ... and ptt out

(only band data out missing but maybe simon adds that on his todo list)

hope i could help a bit

73 dg9bfc sigi

Am 24.10.2019 um 15:18 schrieb wageners@...:

Hi Simon,

Looking at the SDR TX option in the software. Currently TX is enabled via software in the TX panel with the push button. Is there a possibility in a future version to code this also for an external USB connected GPIO module to trigger an external PA for example with the pluto or lime on tx?


Stefan, VE4SW

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