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I just did a quick repeat of the gain check. I fed in -70dbm directly from the generator (Boonton 103D). I set the gain correction in SDRC to 0db and took this picture. Then I stopped SDRC, started SW2 and took the second picture. 


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Interesting, but not so much because the meter readings differ, but more the direction in which they differ. I have an S2 and I have found that SW2 software is accurate as far as  signal level in the spectrum window, at least for steady carriers from my signal generator. I never looked at the s-meter for accuracy, but the dbm scale is accurate.

However, all versions of SDRC V3 since the beginning have shown a (approx) 10db greater (!) value for the same signal. In the V3 radio definitions for the S2 you have the  option of editing the gain. I have mine set for -9db to compensate for this gain error. Later versions of SDRC have a visual gain setting for the S2 and that can be used as well.

Now, you would think that your V3 readings would be correspondingly higher than SW-2, not lower. So, this makes me wonder if everybody sees the same gain error that I do.

SDRC V2.3 matched with SW-2 and was gain accurate for the S2. I have mentioned this to Simon in the past but he was unable to see where the discrepancy was coming from.


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] S-Meter Readings

I notice that using my Elad S2 software, while on a specific station, the S-meter reads S9+5, but when using SDR Console v3.15 listening to the same station the S-meter only reads S7.  The Console program always has a lower S-meter reading. No attenuation is set in Console.

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

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