Re: O/T Wellbrook Loop antenna - any users?


Dear Joanne,
For give me, I failed to acknowledge those you have mentioned,  Jose, Sigi, Simon (hip hip hooray) and of course Leif. Thank you all for your contribution to not only the science, hobby but fact!! Good bless all of you.

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 6:50 PM jdow <jdow@...> wrote:
(I should mention that Leif has an amazing amount of his 'book' already
'written' up on his web site and his YouTube channel.)

On 20191022 18:48:02, jdow wrote:
> Lots of books need to be written and never will be. Jose has his book. Sigi has
> a very different book, Simon has his book, Max has his book, Leif has a big
> book, I have my book. But how do I mine my head for all that I could pass on
> when it only comes to mind when somebody triggers the memory with something they
> said? We all develop our own books as we get through this life, which we will
> never get out of alive. Your book grows ever more interesting as you gain more
> experience. I have over 3/4 of a century of experience, a few years up front
> built a foundation for the rest of it. Presuming God exists at that is at least
> one reader that does not need the book to be formally written down.
> Professionally I provided some shoulders on which others stood that others yet
> might step on theirs. That's how humanity grows. Sadly, I cannot write it all
> down in a readable manner. I lack the patience, the writing skills, and the time
> to do it.
> I just hope some of my silliness ("Ground isn't", "Oscillators don't", "if it
> conducts it radiates", and so forth) causes some people to stop and think, "What
> on EARTH did she mean?" And hopefully they will have the learning experience of
> figuring it out. (Oscillators don't - think back on tuning and adjusting a
> regenerative receiver. What is happening? What does gain compression in an
> amplifier mean in the regenerative receiver as you adjust it do ever higher gain
> in tiny tiny steps? Oscillators amplify noise a great deal in a very tiny
> bandwidth. The amount of amplification is some tiny delta less than a unity gain
> on feedback. That was probably the most satisfying epiphany I had in the RF
> field. I could predict oscillator noise performance to a gnat's eyelash with that.)
> {^_^}
> On 20191022 18:10:15, vincent wrote:
>> Joanne,
>> you need to write a book. Your limitless knowledge helps all of us. Meaning
>> from the beginner to the expert. Thank you for your input.
>> Vincent
>> On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 5:52 PM jdow <jdow@...
>> <mailto:jdow@...>> wrote:
>>     Thick - only helps physical stability. Skin effect even at 160 meters means
>>     only
>>     the outside 1/1000th of an inch takes part in conduction.
>>     {o.o}
>>     On 20191022 10:13:49, jose maria trueba wrote:
>>      > Loops can be very narrow banded, specially if copper tube is thick and
>> loop
>>      > itselfe has a big diameter in order to increase efficiency at the expense
>>     be too
>>      > critical.
>>      >

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