TS480Sat / SDRPlay RSP1A / SDR Console V3 #sdrconsolev3 #rsp1a #ts480


I have connected a "SDRPlay RSP1A" to the TS480Sat. I pick up the signals at the PIN CN152 in the transeiver (i.e. with an IF center frequency of 73,096,500 MHz).

The interaction with the HDSDR program and OmniRig also works quite well.

But I would like to work with the program "SDR Console V3" because I like it a lot better.

Where can I set an IF frequency in the "SDR Concole V3" program?
2 How can I control the transeiver with "SDR Console V3"?

I can only select the "SDRPlay RSP1A" as input, but without further settings.

I found a video on the net where exactly this interaction of "TS480Sat", "SDRPlay RSP1A" and "SDR Console" can be seen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaf7iBT5B7Y).
It also shows the TS480Sat displays in the SDR program (rudimentary, but sufficient).
Who can give me some hints on how to do this?

I would be happy about tips.

73 de DO1WH/Joerg

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