Re: Digital broadcasting in Europe


For communication, eg SDR, digital excels.
For public priorities, the digital logo sells,
but does not always deliver.

Mobile phone audio quality can be near-indecipherable.
DAB quality can be acceptable for voice, but is generally
inferior to FM for music. But, as Paul implies,
government, BBC and industry have other priorities.


On 22/09/2019 17:26, Paul White wrote:
On Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 08:52 AM, Paul Gulliver wrote:
the British public refuse
I seriously wonder how much HMG cares about public opinion.
Also, for a small minority (mainly Radio 3 listeners), the DAB bit-rate does not compete with overall FM quality.
Last time I checked with decent headphones, DAB often produced this weird artifact noise that annoys me more than pops and propagation problems.
Once upon a time, BBC sided with quality But their influence is waning.

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