Re: Digital broadcasting in Europe


Some UK rural areas cannot receive local radio on FM or DAB
and are dependent on remaining AM transmitters.
Many such areas have no mobile phone signal, which
some online services are not aware of.

However, BBC Local Radio and Radio 5 Live jingles
mischievously omit to mention AM...

in a remote corner of Devon

On 22/09/2019 08:52, Paul Gulliver wrote:
As far as the UK is concerned the switch over is still taking place, a very long and drawn out affair, the government keep issuing a deadline to switch off FM but as the British public refuse, correctly in my opinion, to thrown out perfectly good, working radios the deadline keeps getting extended. I'm guessing new cars have digital radio fitted as standard but older cars, like mine, still rely on FM.
Not sure how much AM is used in the UK, it's many years since I listened to any AM broadcast stations, and I don't even know what, if any, stations transmit on AM (apart from radio 4 longwave at 198KHz).

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