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Mark Cayton <mcayton@...>

Analog.  It's significantly easier to read at a quick glance, and in fact doesn't even need to be directly looked at to get useful info (peripheral vision is our friend).  That's why race cars use analog gauges - the driver is so busy with other demands on his attention that he really doesn't have time to spend absorbing (and deciphering) digital data...a quick glance tells him within a couple of percent all of the info he's looking for, without having to precisely correlate any particular needle to any particular scale.

If I recall, Corvette experimented for a very short time with digital speedometer and tachometer but quickly abandoned that path.  It just took too much mental focus for the driver to decipher the data when lots of other things were demanding his attention.

Every aircraft instrument panel has analog gauges, I can't think of any that only have digital readouts. Lol, what a nightmare that would be in a high-workload situation!

For those who are complaining that an analog gauge takes up too much room, I have no idea what they're complaining about because nearly every other radio ever made all have an S-meter somewhere on the front panel, and our "front panel" effectively consists of a full-size monitor offering much more usable real estate than any previous generation radio.
Mark  K1LSB

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