Re: S Meter #poll

Siegfried Jackstien

an analog meter with s units on upper scale ...

and in the numerical box shows dbuv or dbm (selectable by user)

the smaller older (band shaped) digital is also nice but shows just one value

while the new analog shows peak average and base noise ...

if i could select the analog meter to show s units but in box shows dbuv peak it would be perfect (for my needs)

then .... let the yellow needle move fast medium and slow (linked to the agc setting in rx box)

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 15.09.2019 um 08:16 schrieb David J Taylor via Groups.Io:

A new poll has been created:

Which is your S meter preference, Digital or Analog? I may change the default to Analog if the majority prefer it.

1. Digital
2. Analog

Neither (alone)!

Let's have the whole thing switchable - on or off.

If on, then display in dBFS, of dBm /only/ if that is accurate! So-called "S" units if you must.

If on, then a choice of number, meter scale, or both.

So that's:

- On or Off
- Units:  dBFS, dBm, S-units
- Presentation: number, meter, or both.

For the "best" initial settings: On, dBFS, number, meter, although many users may prefer "S" rather than dBFS.

David GM8ARV

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