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Hi Sigi and all,

I see the Please Wait if I don't first shut down SDR Console before toggling off/on the audio service in the task manager when there is no audio.  I always have no audio after a Micro$oft update and have to pump the audio service and or Andrea Filters or remove/install the IDT HD sound CODEC to get it to wake up.  Then it is usually good for about another week.  My forgetting to close SDR-C and causing the error is understandable and my fault.

SDR Console: What a great program!


On 9/9/2019 3:36 PM, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

fwiw ... i also have seen that please wait sign once ... on last beta (bugtrap doing its job)

does sometimes happen when closing without stopping radio first ... maybe caused by my slowish pc so not moaning about ... and it is very seldom ... could be some data in the buffer not processed but soft tries to close ... dont know and never been a real problem here

dg9bfc sigi

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The long close should have been fixed in 3.0.13 (I think) with a small bug fixed in 3.0.14 (not available).


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Completed reinstalling Win10 and all ham stuff ...  Win4Yaesu, DXLabs, and Console V3.  I had previously configured Win4Yaesu to start DXLabs and then DxLabs was directed to start Console V3.  So, with one mouse double click everything almost started up.  The "Server busy...Switch To" problem was still there as a pop-up on Console V3.  Not giving up, I thought the issue may be related to the start sequence.
So, reconfigured all programs to start independently.  Started Win4Yaesu, then started Console V3 and finally, DXLab.  Problem solved !!!!  Everything started up cleanly, with no pop-up messages.

However, when closing station....  Closing Win4Yaesu first, then Console V3 and finally DXLabs, it seems that Console V3 takes a long time to close and a message appears that the program is not responding.  I get another cup of coffee, and by then, V3 is closed.

Except for that last little issue, everything works fine.  No clue as to what's really going on.

73, Steve KH6CT


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