Filter width issue with self made filter #sdrconsolev3

Ben Z en de rest

Today a new type of radiosonde was launched. Not much specifications available, GFSK modulation, and approx 80 kHz bandwidth.

The maximum filterwidth for WFM (not BFM) in SDR console V3 is 40 kHz and I did not want to use the BFM mode.

So, I added a WFM filter with a bandwidth of 120 kHz, which appeared nicely in the filters. When receiving, I can choose this filter and the software switches to the choosen bandwidth. However, trying to narrow the filter down to a bit narrower it jumps directly to 48 kHz and can not be adjusted between 120 kHz and 48 kHz. Is this something I need to change in my selfmade filter definition ?

I added 2 screenshots, one is after selecting the self defined filter and the other one is what happens if I try to drag the filter bandwidth to anything narrower.


Ben - PE2BZ

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