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Oguzhan Kayhan

Hello Simon
When replying, please also consider the video on this link below.
For brief, I find the beacon..(LO already set to a better value to keep beacon on center by default)  lock on it...
And after that, when I zoom on main waterfall, the frequency shifts on beacon waterfall..
If i stop and start the radio again.. it restores its original position..
Is this behavior expected??

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I’ll answer your issues today. In brief – the downconverter value selected for your LNB needs adjusting a bit.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hello Siegfried, absolutely there are some workaround ways but 


As I mentioned, 'it would be good to have' such a ruler to find the right frequency easily. And sure much more practical.... 

And  the effort that needed to make it possible?

Sure higher priority problems will be first. It is just nice to have


Just my two cents...






30 Ağu 2019 Cum 01:11 tarihinde Siegfried Jackstien <siegfried.jackstien@...> şunu yazdı:

about the beacon not in the window

press minus button in geo beacon till you have max zoomed out ... if your lnb then is still very far out ... then just type in the lnb frequency more exact (radio defnitions edit downconverter qrg)

example ... you type in 9.75 gig (nominal frequency of consumer lnb) ... but your lnb is say 30 kc off

then you type in 9.749.970.000 (or 9.750.030.000 depnding if lnb is too high or to low)


if you type in the "corrected" lnb frequency you should have the beacon in centre of the beacon window


greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 29.08.2019 um 06:34 schrieb Oguzhan Kayhan:




I want to ask (probably simple) question 


I dont know how, on one of my computers i have the following window. (Picture Attached)




that green mark helps me a lot with the frequency fine tuning. but i couldnt make it appear on other computers.. which option is it?


Second, about geostationary beacon..

the waterfall on that screen is so narrow that i can not find the beacon frequency easly.. +/- keys doesnt help there a way to make that waterfall wider to see?

I have this problem scpecially on low resolution computers.. 

Thank you




de TA2NC



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