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Oguzhan Kayhan

Hello Mark,
Yes If display just opened when clicked to that small arrow..As I said that was something easy.. just forgot how to turned on at first place.
Anyway, about the beacon monitoring,
Specially on low resolution screens, even I can see the whole spectrum on upper waterfall, if the LNB (or sdr) has high diff ppm, It is hard to get to the beacon.
It would be good to see a wider spectrum or a ruler that only controls the beacon monitor screen..
I can not share a screenshot now because all is fine with my recent computer.. But i had the same problem with two of my friends..

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 1:34 PM Mark <mark.g0mgx@...> wrote:

Hello TA2NC


Let me try and help.


Regarding the IF display (I think that is what you are asking), you simply show this by clicking on the down arrow I have highlighted:



Regarding the geostationary beacon, here is an example from my screen:


A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


Here is the beacon window with the largest zoom setting:


A screenshot of a computer screen

Description automatically generated


And here with the smallest:


A screen shot of a computer

Description automatically generated


So I am not clear how you can miss the beacon signal if you have a good RX on the satellite?





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I want to ask (probably simple) question 


I dont know how, on one of my computers i have the following window. (Picture Attached)




that green mark helps me a lot with the frequency fine tuning. but i couldnt make it appear on other computers.. which option is it?


Second, about geostationary beacon..

the waterfall on that screen is so narrow that i can not find the beacon frequency easly.. +/- keys doesnt help there a way to make that waterfall wider to see?

I have this problem scpecially on low resolution computers.. 

Thank you




de TA2NC




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