Re: SDR-IQ and IF-2000 in EU <hb9tza@...>

Thank you Salvo iw1ayd for this useful Information!
Augusto i2jjr / hb9tza
PS same disclaimer as Salvo...  ";^)

Il 22/06/2010 20.51, Salvo ha scritto:


Maybe it's well known by all in the group and in this case I am sorry to waste some space here. But, right now I have find an interesting information: WIMO is reselling those two pieces, SDR-IQ and IF-2000.

Just for who is interested in.

Usual disclaimers apply: I haven't any connection to WIMO, nor with any of theirs representative, etc. etc.

73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS I haven't done any price comparison, but today it could be at anytime a waste of time as moneys exchange rates are almost as the solar cycle.

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