Re: Artefacts in new Airspy Discovery !? #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus #sdrconsolev3 #airspy

Larry Dighera

Word is there's a review of the current HF+ Discovery in the September
2019 issue of The spectrum Monitor:

"TSM Reviews

Airspy HF+ Discovery: It’s a Whole New World of Radio

By Larry Van Horn N5FPW and Gayle Van Horn W4GVH

While the term “digital radio” has been around since the 1970s in
US government circles, it wasn't until 1984 that the term
“software defined radio” first surfaced. At first, many old-timers
in the radio hobby scoffed at the idea that any radio that didn’t
have a tuning knob and all the circuitry associated with it wasn’t
a real radio. People pushing a computer-based technology were on
the outside looking in as far as major manufacturers were
concerned. It did not take long for software defined radio, or
SDR, to come out of the shadows and be embraced by the radio hobby
industry. Larry takes a look at the Airspy HF+ Discovery, the
latest in a series of high-performance, low cost SDRs that are
changing the world of HF radio listening."

On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 01:47:21 -0700, "Henry via Groups.Io"
<> wrote:

Yes, and it does not have the (oficially not available) preselector addon board and it is not about the HF+ Discovery.
The actual strong spurs were introduced with the preselector board. Nevertheless the censorship in the Airspy group is intolerable.

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