Re: Artefacts in new Airspy Discovery !? #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus #sdrconsolev3 #airspy

Allan Isaacs

All receivers except crystal sets will radiate RF and many act like a low power transmitter if an external aerial is connected.

I once tried to read a CE document because a few were listed on a sheet that came with something I bought from RS.

I found I’d have to pay 300 pounds sterling to read one document and there were 25 main ones.


I notice other manufacturers allow discussion and criticism of their products.

As some say.. Any publicity is good publicity.

I do know of one transceiver where RF problems were kept secret. That was Skynet 4.. but that as they say is another story.

Allan G3PIY

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On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 10:12 AM, David J Taylor wrote: .

That report is more than a year out of date now.

Yes, and it does not have the (oficially not available) preselector addon board and it is not about the HF+ Discovery.
The actual strong spurs were introduced with the preselector board. Nevertheless the censorship in the Airspy group is intolerable.
I am not sure: But doesn't a receiver which emits RF over his antenna socket like a transmitter lose CE conformity?
73s, Henry



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