Re: Receiving DUV Telemetry (FoxTelem) with SDRC V3.x

Hasan Schiers N0AN

One thing I didn't mention in how to turn off both HiPass filters:
Ribbon Bar > Receiver > Narrow FM (click on it and deselect High Pass) it appears to be selected by default and will kill DUV telemetry from AO-85/91/92

So: Two places:

1. Settings > Audio > Equalizer (Uncheck Enable, Uncheck 25Hz HPG) , click OK

2. As above: Ribbon > Receiver > Narrow FM , Deseect HighPass

At this point you should see DUB sub-audible in the FoxTelem Decoder.

I just had to teach myself this again, after moving SDRC to a new computer.

73, N0AN

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