Re: What I would like to see in future versions.

Guy Atkins

Both the Perseus software and Studio 1 allow you to "slide" the passband smoothly across the carrier frequency. This has proven to be the "killer feature" for trans-Pacific & trans-Atlantic DXing on medium wave. When tuning in LSB or USB (or SAM mode with selectable sideband), it can give an extra bit of splatter rejection and intelligibility to these often-weak signals that are just 1 to 5 kHz away from powerful local or regional MW stations. It usually takes just 50-400 Hz of the passband crossing center frequency to improve the DX station without distortion setting in or otherwise degrading the desired signal.

I wish all SDR software allowed this flexibility that's only in Perseus and Studio 1 to my knowledge. SDRUno--a Studio 1 derivative--may offer this too.

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