Re: Spectrum Markers

Dennis Matzen

Thanks for the markers Simon. This is is the one feature I have been hoping for. 

I live in a Wildland–Urban Interface (high fire danger area) so I like to keep track of the local fire radio traffic while I am in the office. In the past I had a scanner going with the various fire channels I have interest in. But the problem is that you can only listen to one channel at a time.

But now with SRD Console along with my SRDPlay RSPduo I can listen to all the same time. The ability to route audio to the left or right speaker is a nice feature. And I finally figured out a good application for the "Favourites" feature. Once I had all the frequencies set, spectrum markers, audio and screen layout set I saved it so I can get right back to the "Fire Monitor" mode of operation in a flash.

Great piece of software Simon. Sending along another care package for beer and dog food your way...

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