SRDPlay Instability Issues #sdrplay

Dennis Matzen

Just wanted everyone out there with a SDRPlay receiver hear about an issue I had. And how I fixed it.

The was having to unplug and reconnect the cable to my receiver (I have a RSPduo), restart SDR Console due to lockups and completely rebooting PC to get things working again. 

I thought this was a SDR Console problem as I had recently upgraded (I think it was from .9 to .10). But then I realized that I had also updated the SDRPlay software on the system.

So I started looking around and found in Windows "Programs and Features" that there were two versions of the SDRPlay API installed. I am sure this was my fault because when you install (or upgrade) the software they point out the receiver should not be connected to the PC until directed to do so. And I don't think I did that as I was not in front of the PC at the time (I was using remote desktop to do a upgrade).

So I uninstall not only the API software but all SDRPlay software, rebooted and reinstalled what I needed (following the directions this time).

System has been stable since. 

This was my own stupid error and I am sure no one else would do this. But thought I would share my story.

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