Re: OS Choice Question


I'm with you !!!

On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 6:49 PM jdow <jdow@...> wrote:
I've been using Linux since the 90s - RedHat Hurricane I think it was.

It ain't ready for prime time is my opinion. It's a pain in the patootie to use
for some things. Audio is particularly "iffy".


On 20190709 17:17:19, doug wrote:
> On 07/09/2019 06:45 PM, jdow wrote:
>> Incidentally, if Windows takes 10 where I cannot tolerate I won't be
>> going back to 7. I'll be going to Linux as dreadful as it may be.
>> {o.o}
> Hi, Joanne--
> I have been using Linux just about exclusively for at least the last ten years.
> It is not, in my estimation, dreadful. It has the advantage that things are not
> hidden under infinite layers of goto boxes in the GUI. You can find and get
> almost any kind of software that you might want, for either rpm or deb systems,
> altho I prefer rpm. I used PCLinuxOS up until a recent "upgrade" crashed my
> system, and I discovered that the latest available version--and all the
> available software for it--has been effectively castrated! Many of the apps that
> I used on a regular basis are no longer available, and many of these are no
> longer installable even if you get them from rpmfind, as the
> libs are not installable. I have no idea why this was instituted, but
> I am now getting to know OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. I admit to having a problem
> installing a working Epson printer, even tho its PPD file is
> in the distro already. (Printer is found, ink levels shown, but printing is
> unavailable, as is scanning from the same device.) An HP LaserJet came right up.
> Everything else that I need or want is installed and working. The software
> interface--YAST--is strange to me,
> but seems to be useable, and the standard Linux installation tool--
> apt-get install--works fine. You can even run Windows in a "window"
> I guess you'd call it, but I would never even try that; I'd think it
> would be asking for trouble! One thing that seems to be missing in
> the latest Windows release--I don't think there is any way to turn off
> fast boot, which means you can no longer access your Windows directories
> from Linux. (Fast boot means there are always Windows files open, even when the
> machine is shut down.)
> --doug, WA2SAY
> PS: If there is some specific software that you need, I'll see if I know of a
> Linux version that I have used and works. There is, for instance, a drafting
> program that mimics Autocad, and there is a
> good text reader for scanned-in documents. I have, however, bought
> an office suite for word processing and spread-sheet reading/creating.
> That's the ONLY thing I bought for Linux.

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