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It's a pity Simon,
you should switch your old PC on, time to time, to keep it sound!

And OK for the VAX station, the last I used had been an Alpha Station.

But also the LSJ based one, when compared to these times MS and Intel, seemed a Star-Trek object ...
Should not the Digital having serious soft-protection, I would have bought an Alpha surplus one after retiring, and run our VMS Custom these times Software.
A beautiful and powerful Graphic Petri Automa Network development system, 7 layer nesting among automas nets. Really powerful!

But its licence was really toooo expensive, to be only a joke of an old retired ex engineer ... HI HI .
So I go on with Intel and Microsoft, and sometimes look at my old BBC-b, lying in his Acorn original box like a coffin ...

Time goes on like a caterpillar digging our lives. HI.
73 ,

( Jan 1943 issued. Began with tubes, but not yet ended. By now with CPUs)

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Sounds just like my 1996 first Windows PC which I still have – it’s up in the attic! It cost so much I can’t bring myself to throw it out, even though it’s not been used for at least 20 years!


And the first computer when I started coding for myself rather than being a wage slave is still in use – a VAX station 3100!


All that money, where did it go?


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Things never stand still do they Bob.. otherwise the manufacturers would go out of business.

I remember building a “state of the art” computer donkeys years ago. It had a mind-numbing 133MHz Socket 7 processor and the RAM was £1 per Meg.

The customer managed to raise enough cash for 132Meg and an enormous 500MB hard drive with a new fangled IDE interface completed the package.

Windows 95 came on a box full of 3.5 inch floppies.

I still have the hard drive from customer’s older IBM machine, a Seagate ST-406, 5MB.

Allan G3PIY

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