Re: DX Patrol Mk 4 and HF with SDR-Radio


That's another rtlsdr receiver. HF performance will be disappointing if you lack a moderately serious antenna. If you really REALLY want to try it and are willing to forget 10 meters, I have a "solution" for you. Quite awhile ago, now, I decided to code my own rtlsdr.dll file and got sufficient information from Simon to craft a "replacement" for his rtlsdr source dll file. These days it sits along side Simon's file so Simon's source dll does not get removed. My configuration panel allows you to do HF.

Go here:

Go into the SDRConsole folder. Get the "SDRSourceRTL2832U Distribution" file. Find a place to unzip it.

Copy the following three files into "C:\Program Files\ (V3)":

libusb-1.0.dll is a newer version known to work well. (I use it.)
rtlsdr.dll is my rtlsdr.dll file.
SDRSourceRTL2832UFull.dll enables more rtlsdr.dll capabilities than Simon's tool.

Be sure to read "ReadMe.1st". I get a little verbose maybe. But there is good information present. Note that the "RtlSdr Catalog.exe" file does not do much of anything useful unless you have several dongles with different serial numbers. So skip worrying about it for now.

And FWIW, 89 quid sounds a little pricey for what is in it if you are at all good with a soldering tool for very small parts.

{^_^} Joanne (Who has graduated to the AirSpy products and a Pluto SDR.)

On 20190629 07:37:31, Francesco Basta wrote:
Hallo all, first of all my excuses if this subject has already been covered somewhere else, but I could not find it. I have to say that, in spite of being a licensed OM since 1974, I have just started venturing into SDR. I have a Dx Patrol Mk 4 SDR that I want to use with SDR-Radio 3.0.10. The radio works well in VHF - UHF, but I don't seem to be able to make it work on HF. Dx Patrol gives very scant notices about this function, they only say that "To listen HF on options select Q- channel input.". I tried this with HDSDR and it works indeed. But how can I select Q-channel on SDR-Radio ? I looked at all menu items and I could not find it - maybe I overlooked something. Thanks in advance for your help - Francesco, PE1F

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