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Press alt-print screen with the window you want captured on top. Then past it into paint or equivalent, save it, and send it.

On 20190627 13:36:24, Tony_AD0VC wrote:
It seems to me that it has always worked this way with SDRC. The screenshot button never captures any floating windows. maybe "screen" shot is a bit of a misnomer. More of a windowshot.
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Well, this seems to be a real issue: took another screenshot of my SDRC and PC running. While the screen shows the DSP panel clearly in the lower right of the waterfall, the screenshot (as taken by SDRC's button) does not show the "floating" DSP panel. Docking the DSP panel results in a good shot showing everything.
Two screenshots, just a few minutes apart, showing what the PC captures using PrintScreen, and then SDRC's version.
Feature or bug? ;)
On 26-Jun-19 23:01, Brendan Wahl wrote:

Okaaay, this is weird. I didn't look at my screenshot until now: where did the DSP panel go? I have no idea. It was showing when I clicked the Screenshot button, why it's not recorded I've no idea. I do keep it floating versus docked, but right over the waterfall in the lower corner. It */should/* be there...

*A bit of a moot point though*: today, I found SDRC and my PC are playing nice again. Changing the Buffer settings to OFF brings back clipping only, no excruciating distortion: changing to the X4 setting fixed that. Latency runs around 40-45ms, one receiver in the passband.

Why the 24 hour difference in behavior is a mystery, full stop. Yesterday I tried a full shutdown and restart as well as hot restarts, and the PC acted the same. No drivers, no updates, no OS changes to my knowledge or Windows'. Shutdown for the night, and late today my time checked everything after running SDRC all day and found it was no longer a problem to return to the previous settings.

More grist for my next PC: new build, not upgrade.

Brendan WA7HL

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