Re: Offset center spike?

Dale Elshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>


I don't recall having this problem until recently but now it is most noticeable on weaker signals that are centered on the spectrum/waterfall where the interference is located.  It produces a heterodyne that I have to move my the signal I am listening to away from the center so the squeal is no longer heard.  If I use the zoom or center control the signal is set back to the interference.

Is there a way to apply an offset to keep the spike away from the center?

I am using a R820T2 and have tried my older R820T and an E4000 with the same result.  The spike is about 8dBm off the noise floor most of the time until I change the gain setting or turn the AGC on or off which causes the spike to go to -80dBm or more with a ringing tone and within a few seconds settles back down.  I thought maybe it had to do with AC power line noise or something local but then I tried using a server radio and found they also have the spike.  On your Airspy HF+ I see a nasty looking thing but it is 5kHz. above center frequency and it remains at the same point when tuning.

Thanks, 73 & congratulations on making really great software,



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