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Learning is a rewarding if painful process. Without it I am afraid helping you MAY not be possible. Explore and play with it. You have a ham license so you cannot be totally technically unaware. The matrix display is displayed when you click on Receive menu selection and the Matrix button in the ribbon, second from the left. Explore it. I am sure it will be rewarding to you to learn about it. This is how you get multiple receivers at the same time.

{^_^} Joanne

On 20190625 01:15:39, oh6xi wrote:
Thank you all for responding. First, let me say that I am not a programmer or computer wizard, so my questions may look trivial to an expert. Here some answers/comments and things I do not understand:
- Yes, I will try to find another output device (I believe I have USB headphones somewhere.....) and let you know the result
- My impression is that this sudden drop in audio level occurred when I clicked on the "80m (3.5-3.7)" selection in the Favourites Amateur map. Before that it all sounded ok to me. I cannot understand what happened then.
- Yes, the setting is/was 50%, but then again with this same setting the other testprograms produced  clearly enough audio levels. Why? To open the matrix and adjust the volume levels in the mixer is beyond my expertise at this point.
- The Asus audio device is a 22" display with built in small speakers and connected via HDMI to the computer. This has produced quite acceptable audio with the console until this "incident" happened, and still the other tested programs produce enough audio, so some setting must have changed.
- As you can see my undestanding of the windows audio system is quite limited, but "we'll keep on learning".

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