Re: OmniRig 2.0 support


That would be a deficiency with the drivers, methinks. __int64 is a valid, and simple, way to enable a very high upper limit on frequency. If Simon did that there would be no problem unless you tried to send 5500 GHz to a Pluto with 32 bit version.


On 20190623 18:30:38, ve3dss@... wrote:
Ideally capabilitie to use the 64 bit version would be nice so we can use the software above 2000 Mhz.
with radios like the K3.
73 Dana VE3DS
On Jun 23, 2019, at 18:08, Michael Wheatley <km6lhd@... <mailto:km6lhd@...>> wrote:
I am using OmniRig 2.0 from <> that supports 4 rig definitions.  At some point when you have extra time on your hands, could you extend SDR Console to support it for external radios?
Michael Wheatley - KM6LHD

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