Re: So you wanted to merge favorites....


On 20190623 04:48:12, Dick wrote:
On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 12:08 PM, jdow wrote:

I could try compiling a version for multi-byte character set if you're willing
to play with it.
Sure, I will give that a go.
In my case these few 'translations' (from §120m to §120m) is no problem and easy to fix, but maybe others using a multi-byte character set could get worse results.
Not sure where to find the character set that is being used.
Nederlands (Nederland) is the default and I have added English (United States) as the second language in the Region and Language setting.
I'm not sure what those characters are supposed to be. It does not matter whether I compile with Unicode, "Multi-Byte", or "Not set". The characters come up "odd". It is probably related to the font that Simon selects "manually" inside his GUI or what fonts he has installed as his main language selection.

I guess compiling as other than Unicode doesn't seem to improve things so I'll leave it as it is. At least I proved I put the correct magic incantation around all my strings and character constants. ("Foo" turns into _T( "Foo" ). On four of my identities I fiddled the two symbols into a "US" using the minor edit capability. That is what it seems to indicate.


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