Re: So you wanted to merge favorites....


It is setup to use unicode. I see some of the same funny characters. So it's probably a character set choice that causes it. I could try compiling a version for multi-byte character set if you're willing to play with it.

For that matter I am quite open to sharing the tool's source code.

On 20190623 02:59:14, Dick wrote:
Hi Joanne,
Thanks for this useful tool with a very intuitive GUI.
Loading my favorites I noticed that there might be a small unicode/UFT8 problem.
Might be due to the language/locale setting of my laptop which is Dutch/Netherlands.
In SDRC shown as: §120m
In SDR-Favourites_000.xml:
InFavourites Merge result.xml as:
Ofcourse this is just a small cosmetic thingy and probably best fixed by Simon unless the § in front of §120m has a special meaning I am not aware of.

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