Re: SDR Radio S/N measurement


Experiment. Since I don't know your specific circumstances I cannot offer any suggestions other than that most suggestions you find on the web are as far out as the Moon.

What are your specific circumstances for starters.

NB: A low loss feed from your antenna to the dongle may do more for you than trying to tweak the last bit of performance out of the RTL dongle.


On 20190623 01:06:22, Re Claudio wrote:
Hello Chris .
/"What I want to do is find the best gain setting for the humble RTL2836, in my specific circumstances"
/In this case the tool of SDR# is useful for this purpose , while I don't know if for all kind of modulations , especially for FM , like in other discussions .
Please consider to install the plug I suggested you that look to giveĀ  you a continuous value of quality of what you are demodulating inside the RF BW window on a virtual analog meter representation .
Have fun with you hobby !
73 - Claudio Re I1RFQ

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