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Merge SDRC Favorites notes (Link to executable at the bottom.)
This is for SDRC V3 through the current version as of 20190622.

Merge SDRC Favorites is the only file in the zip file and may be stored on your machine at your convenience. If this does not run on your machine you probably must install the Visual Studio Redistributable files <>.

The above is a picture of Merge Favorites with a pair of files open with individual favorites selected on each side. The left hand side was selected second and shows in the lower part of the screen. The lower portion of the screen shows information about the most recently selected file.

Merge SDRC Favorites, MSF, features two windows with droplists above them and buttons around them. The windows themselves display list views of the available favorites definitions within an SDRC Identity's stored favorites files OR any other file in that format which it can read. The buttons between and immediately below the lists allow various actions. Working down the middle these actions are "move from left to right", "move from right to left", "copy from left to right", "copy from right to left", "delete from right", and "delete from left". You highlight the source items and select the action desired.

There levels of sorting exist. One is no sort except for the Groups and Folders. The second sorts on Groups, Folders, and Titles. The third sorts on Groups, Folders, Frequency, and then Titles. The sort can be up or down for the latter two sort types. In the case of the first or "non-sort" sort the Move Up and Move Down buttons will move the highlighted item up and down it's list. You select the sort option for the left or right list independently by right clicking and selecting the sort you desire.

The three remaining buttons below the lists save their respective lists as a new file name (Save As), Save it to the location from which it was loaded, and reloads the file from the last location for that side. You can use reload to restore a list to the last saved condition if you wish to discard any changes made to the list thus far.

Below that range of buttons you see four edit boxes, the read only on the left identifies the source. The rest show the Group, Folder, and Title of the most recently selected entry on either side. You can change Group, Folder, and Title. To save the changes use save or save as. This is also handy if you wish to move or copy an entry with a name level duplication of an existing entry without any resulting ambiguity. Rename it in the source, move or copy it to the destination, then if you don't want the rename to stick in the sorce use the reload button. Below those edit boxes is further identifying information for the selected favorites entry. These are for assuring yourself you have selected the correct list entry. They may not be changed.

Hovering your mouse over the GUI elements will show some helpful information about that GUI element. Note the use of color as a clue for the use of the controls and which list the  currently displayed information at the bottom owns that entry.

Currently saved data is 100% safe until you press Save or Save As. If you exit nothing is saved or altered.

The file is available here <> on my Google Drive page.

{^_^}   Joanne

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